“I don’t know why my child can’t read yet while all his classmates can read.”
“I don’t know why my child cannot even form simple sentences yet”.
“My friend’s son started reading at the age of 4”.
Introducing the BEM Foundational Skill Set for kids, the best sleep-killing, boredom-killing,
fun-learning kit that will make your child fall in love with reading.
With graphemes, phonemes, two-letter, three-letter, and four-letter word games, currency tiles
that your kids can actually touch, BEM Foundational Skill Set is sure to make reading fun for
your kids.
The ‘All in one’ Skill Set that has helped thousands of kids enjoy reading.
No matter the reading struggle you think your child may have.
“I don’t know why my child can’t read yet”.
Instead of worrying about your child’s struggle with reading, you can help him enjoy reading,
and help him read on his own, for a lifetime.
Your child will be exposed to all stages of READING in the FUN way:
-Letter Identification
-Phoneme Realization
-Sight Words
Your child will have access to a game board on which he can arrange tiles to form words.
You also get an educational manual to guide you on how the Skill Set will be used. In addition,
word games are included in the manual.
What’s more?
Your child will learn the 3 major currencies around the world as BEM Foundational Skill Set has
these currency tiles and a story about them, and they are described as the Kings of the Money
Market (the Pound, Dollar, and Euro).
Your child will also be exposed to Shapes and Colours, Numbers and Roman Numerals, Capital
and Small letters, and IPA symbols.
Early Bird Price: 8500

Here’s what Prof. Francis Egbokhare, who has over 30 years’s experience teaching Phonetics
and Phonology at the University of Ibadan, has to say about BEM Skill Set.
“I recommend this tool kit to anyone that is serious in assisting their children to develop skill in

Professor Adenike Akinjobi also, professor of Phonetics and Phonology, specialist in Spoken
English, and the author of a Phonics Text: “Phonics and Prosody” also has this to say:
“I want to introduce this to you. This is a material made by a wonderful sister who is also a
Phonetician and Phonologist and an Elocution expert. It’s about training your children to read
using sounds which implies that you are teaching them both Reading and Speaking. It’s a very
beautiful material. I recommend that you get this for your child”.

Prof. Segun Awonusi, a Lecturer of English Language with 42 years’ experience also has this to
” I have seen this Foundational Skills Set for Kids and I am quite impressed. It combines
Phonics and the basic elements of Grammar and Lexis which kids can learn unconsciously as
they gradually develop these skills.
The way they match the letters, and gradually develop skills in punctuation and formation of
words which leads to sentences. I think it’s beautiful. It keeps the kids mentally alert. Unlike
some other programmes that are visual based, this one will really enrich the quality of language
competence of kids. I so recommend it”.

You might have read one of the best articles on kids struggling with reading. You’ve learnt the
importance of reading to your child. You were motivated and decided to start reading to your
At what point did you get frustrated again?
That’s what the BEM Skill Set is designed for – to guide you into helping your child love and
enjoy reading.
If you’ve taken your time to read this, it’s clear that you’re ready to do something about your
child’s struggle with reading. You have 3 choices today:
-You can continue to believe that your child’s classmates are smarter than your child.
-You can tell yourself that reading is for kids that have rich parents.
-Or you can take action – getting the BEM Foundational Skill Set for your child, which has
worked to help kids overcome reading struggles, enjoy reading and read on their own.
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The best tool kit for early literacy skills…