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royalty conference ’23

“I don’t want my children to be influenced by their peers or social media.  Everywhere I turn these days, they seem to be surrounded by content that goes against the Godly principles I am trying to instill in them”.

“Having enough quality time to spend with my children and actively working on their self-confidence skills is just too frustrating.”

“I want my children to grow into well-behaved adults who’ll do the right things not just because of what they are told but because they know God for themselves”

Introducing the BMW Royalty Conference 23,  a power-packed 3-day identity-shaping, leadership-building, Godly Heritage solid-rooting Conference that will give your children an Unshakable Foundation that they will never depart from.

The value-packed conference that has helped over 350 children build and strengthen their Godly identity  

No matter the negative peer pressure your child may face

Even in an era dominated by screens and gadgets

With our interactive workshops, they will learn about leadership, self-confidence, and their true identity as a Royal Priesthood.

“How do I raise my child to be confident? I don’t even have the time to teach him”

Instead of worrying about your child not being confident, he can learn not just to be confident, but learn how to be a good leader.

 With our experienced and gracious coaches, your child will be exposed to exceptional social skills set that will set them apart in any setting:

Dining Etiquette

Communication Skills

Handling social situations gracefully

Leadership & Self-confidence

Strong foundation of faith

Compassion and service to others

Environmental Etiquette (Climate Change Education for kids)

Your child will also get a digital detox by connecting with real people. Imagine the joy in their eyes as they share ideas with newfround friends who share the same passions and dreams in a safe environment.

What’s more?

Your child will embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, recognizing their intrinsic as a Royal Priesthood.

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 We know engaging your child in profound, meaningful conversations might seem like a battle and frustrate you.  

You’ve probably downloaded free resources on the internet to help you build what you desire in your child.  

When was the last time you opened them or even applied them?

That’s what the BMW Royalty Conference is for – to build your child to be the confident, compassionate, and purpose-driven young royalty they were destined to be by their creator.

Congratulations!  You read up to this point.  It’s super clear you want to raise confident and Godly kids.  You have 3 choices today:

– You can let your child have an all-screen summer holiday.


– You can take action – register for the BMW Royalty Conference that has helped over 350 children build their Godly identity and leadership skills.

Thanks a million! My kids enjoyed the class so much.

Music Minister Eunice Morgan

My two daughters were part of the 2022 Royalty Conference and they greatly benefited from it. They have been members of the BMW Children’s Club since 2021 and it has so impacted their lives. The coordinator, Salome Buari, is a woman of God, greatly anointed to minister to kids. My girls really love her. 

Dr. Oluwabunmi Oyebode, OAU

You’re such a blessing to families with young children.  I consider you a partner in God’s plan for the destinies of these children.  I love the peculiar features of your programme:  kingdom principles, nation-building, leadership, social skills amidst fun. My daughter looked forward to each day of the 2022 Royalty Conference and she took a lot home. I’m happy that I signed her up.  I was following up and could literally touch your unwavering passion for the future of these children.  Generations will call you blessed. Keep up the good work. My daughter is already looking forward to the next conference.

Mrs. Nkeiruka Nzekwe (Founder, G. Wise Initiative)